/gərl gaNG/ noun
1. A group of females involved in empowering other females ✊ ♀️
2. Established in Oklahoma City, OK.

As you may have noticed as you browsed through our products, GRL GNG is all about female empowerment. We want women to feel like they can do anything, because we CAN do anything.

Our attire emphasizes the importance of encouraging and empowering women to tackle the many barriers that we often face as we work towards our goals. Not only do we want the people wearing our product to feel confident, strong, inspired, and all of the other empowering feelings you can think of, we also want to help them empower other women.

Long story short, GRL GNG is not just a cute clothing line. It's a lifestyle, and the members of GRL GNG are women and men who are dedicated to helping women achieve their "anything". So, we hope that you decide to join the GNG, because we would love to connect with you to empower you and help you empower others. Keep up the good fight and spread love and girl power! 


Kenzi OG GRL GNG Photo


As the COO of GRL GNG, Kenzi is the brains behind this operation and can often be found running around behind the scenes. She slays everything she touches and has a heart of gold. Kenzi is in grad school, and she loves molding the young minds of the future. She is the nerd of our gang, and she frequently geeks out over Harry Potter. We think she's secretly a wizard.